We are currently seeking individuals in the role of Counselor who can help extend our mission to new markets as Living Your Choice expands across the country.

The Counselor position requires motivated individuals with a background in healthcare, nursing, or senior living. Candidates must have a passion for working with seniors and their families, and a desire to make a positive difference in their lives.

Our primary focus is on the best interests of the seniors we serve and our approach is very high-touch. Candidates must feel comfortable working in person with seniors and their families in an often emotional and high-stress environment.

Please note: it is important that candidates be self-motivated and possess a “Be Available” attitude. At Living Your Choice, our responsibility is to the individual’s needs, not a time clock. That means weekends, holidays, and unusual hours are often required to complete this job at the high level expected from our team members.

All job positions with Living Your Choice require a complete background check.

If this sounds like a good fit, we encourage you to fax us your resume at (800) 419-9098 and tell us why you would make a good Counselor at Living Your Choice.

FAX your resume to: (800) 419-9098

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