Assisted Living

Assisted Living is popular choice among seniors who need long-term care. These facilities offer housing along with a wide variety of services for seniors who want to live independently, but require some support. Assisted Living provides seniors the care they need to enjoy their golden years to the fullest.

Residents receive help with health care, household chores, and personal care. Assisted Living communities generally offer medical monitoring as well as daily activities and care. Services can include eating, dressing, hygiene, bathing, toilet usage, medication management, mobility, and shopping. Amenities often include social and recreational activities.

What to expect at Assisted Living communities:

  • Meal preparation
  • House cleaning
  • Fitness activities
  • Social events
  • Shuttle services
  • Medical care
  • Monitoring and security 24/7

By providing a combination of residential housing, day-to-day assistance, and health care services, Assisted Living communities create a stimulating, supportive environment for residents. Seniors can preserve their independence while enjoying an enhanced quality of life.

Assisted Living communities also go by other names. You may find them described variously as assisted care, residential care, basic care, or adult living facilities, depending on where you look. Assisted Living is also sometimes offered as part of a larger Independent Living community.

Different states have their own licensing and regulations that govern assisted living providers. Rates for Assisted Living Communities are based on the geographic location as well as the type and size of the residence. Some charge a flat rate with additional fee for special services. Most assisted living communities charge a monthly rate.

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